WebStore Services

  Using the pre-developed SIGN.COM storefront templates and shopping cart, you can easily have your own custom branded e-commerce web site for your business. Your webstore will be hosted free as a subdomain of SIGN.COM (www.sign.com/yourcity/companyname.com). Webstore development and monthly hosting fees for 2013 have been covered courtesy of our Platinum Sponsor, Mutoh America, Inc. 

How Webstore Work

Cost Savings 
  • Webstore are an economical way to have an internet storefront
  • No upfront web development or monthly hosting costs 

New Recurring Customers 
  • All orders from your webstore come directly to you
  • Reach new customers and expand your business with an effective web presence
  • Leverage the SIGN.COM brand to drive traffic to your own webstore

You Set Pricing
  • Your webstore can use the same competitive pricing as SIGN.COM (which will be the initial default), or set your own pricing. 
  • Change prices whenever you want
  • International members can use the SIGN.COM templates but will need to enter their own pricing. 

Cost to Guild Members
  • Guild members pay no fees for their Webstore until they accept an order
  • Guild members receive full price for each order, minus a small 10% fee 
  • For 2013, the credit card processing fees are paid for by the Platinum SIGN.COM sponsor, SAi

Expanded Your Webstore
  • Vanity URLs (www.sign.com/any-name-you-want) available on a first-come basis
  • Additional information about your business on the webstore
  • Small monthly fee ($16.95) for expanded or Vanity webstore